A Book About Cramps

Drawing by Sarah Trone

Hi !

A little background story:

The idea of making this book came to me when I was discussing those certain feelings with a couple lady friends.  Our descriptions were completely different, yet all still full of imagery. After mentally picturing their feelings, another image popped into my head, a light bulb. “This needs to be a book,” I thought. So, I am asking family and friends from all over the world who know the feeling of cramps first hand to describe how their cramps feel. This book is not gender specific. Anyone who has experienced menstrual cramps and would like to share their description is more than welcome.  Likely, not all descriptions will be featured in the book, but the first step is to gather all I can.  Alongside the descriptions, there will be an artist’s depiction of each description.  (Say that five times fast. Ha!) If you have an artistic hand, you are more than welcome to create art for your own description.  Having your or someone else’s child draw it out could also be hilarious and fun.  I prefer the artist to also be a human who understands menstrual cramps first hand.  I guess except if they are prepubescent.  Teehee.  In addition to these descriptions and artistic renderings, I plan to have a health professional who has done extensive studies about the female reproductive system and hormones to write a foreword or afterword about the importance of eating the right things, exercise, etc., and how doing these can eliminate cramps and many other PMS/menstrual annoyances.

Note:  A handful of people said to me, “I don’t really have cramps.” or “Mine are minor.”  You don’t have to have painful cramps to have a description.  That’s what I find so interesting.  We experience all different pain levels and with that, have different mental images.

If you would like to possibly be included in the book, please send me a thoughtful description of how your cramps feel. You can submit a description by clicking on the Submit link in the menu or by clicking here. Details of what is needed are on that page.

Sincerely with all my heart,